10 Email Subjects You Should Not Bother Opening by Richard Pascoe

You should always treat with great suspicion emails from unknown people and sources that you do not know and from these 10 points below.

  1. Any email that claims you have inherited anything
  2. Any email from a bank saying you need to change your password , change your details
  3. Any survey that comes in saying click here to confirm your details or activate the survey
  4. Any email from a broadband provider saying click here to upgrade
  5. Any email saying click here for the new version of your software
  6. Any email that asks for your personal information
  7. Any email that misspells your name or says that you have won a contest
  8. Any email that says you have not responded to my last email
  9. Any email that claims you have a ATO refund
  10. Any email that says your credit card is waiting for collection

Where Do I Find My Apple ID by Richard Pascoe

If you have and use iTunes with your iOS device (iPhone , iPad , iPod ) and or your computer , Windows or Apple then you have an Apple ID.

Sometimes you will wonder where your Apple ID is or what your Apple ID is.

Your Apple ID is especially important when installing iPhone's , iPads and with Mavericks you can set your Apple ID in system preferences which can give you the option of resetting your computers password.

OS X : Apple ID can be used to reset your user account password

Apple ID Lion.gif

With iCloud - your Apple ID is even more important

If you follow the link below you will go to the link at Apple where you can:

  • Manage your account
  • Change your password

Apple ID

Locked Out Of Your Outlook / Hotmail / Yahoo Account - What To Do by Richard Pascoe


If you discover an issue with your Hotmail / Outlook.com / Yahoo account it is more than likely that your password has been compromised and you will have to change your password alongside of answering some questions about your account.

This will hopefully enable you to get back in.

Your Hotmail / Outlook.com account is linked to your Microsoft account so the first thing to do is go through the steps of trying to change your password and or resetting your account by answering some questions about your account.

here are some links to assist:

Forgotten password or sign in problems

When you cant login to your Microsoft Account and you need to reset 

Lastly when this is done , turn on 2 factor authentication , which means you will supply Microsoft with a mobile phone number so they can text you an access code.

Microsoft 2 factor authentication

Lastly choose a good password , not one out of the dictionary

Password tips from Adelaide TechGuy


if you are having issues with your Yahoo Account here is a link that should help.

Yahoo - Unable to sign into my account

Remember the same principles apply with passwords as above