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Why I Would Not Be Storing My Phone Under My Pillow At Night

A girl in Texas had a smartphone catch fire which she kept under her pillow at night
Teens Samsung Galaxy Bursts Into Flames
There was a third party battery in the phone which Samsung advises against and they advise against covering up the phone with bedding or anything similar that should fall into the category of common sense.

Is It Worthwhile Repairing A Tablet When You Break The Screen 
A lot of the time , no 
Dropping and damaging the screens on some of them can be from $200 and up to repair 
You are hoping that when you dropped it , you did not damage the electronics underneath 
Example , Microsoft Surface , screen replacement $220 - $500 

if you bought a cheap tablet then no but shop around for a price.

Apple Rumours
Apple are the best marketers when it comes to releasing new products 


A new iPhone possibly 2 of them, expect to see a 4.7inch phone , 13MP camera 1704 x 960 Retina resolution that is a boost from the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s
We may see a sapphire glass display , extremely tough 
Bigger battery combined with a better processor ( more powerful , the A8 ) will hopefully see increased battery life , however bigger screens take more battery to run.
Other Devices
We should see a new iPad , we may see a new 12 inch Macbook Air with a new design and retina screen , we may see a new iMac with a 4k display 

Will we see an iWatch , maybe , maybe not , Apple can sit back , let the category develop and then pounce – remember the introduction of the iPhone 


MyScript Calculator
A handwriting calculator , great for students

iOS - App Store Link

Google Play Store

Stop Believing Bogus Phone Calls by Richard Pascoe

People continually fall for the phone call which claims they are from Microsoft / Apple / Telstra saying there is a problem with your computer.

They then give them remote access to the computer ( would you let a stranger in the front door and go rummaging through your personal possessions )  and give them credit card details.

In a lot of cases they can access your details , clean out your bank  account , gain personal information.

If you are having issues with your computer get proper help , not from someone over the phone who randomly rings you and who's credentials you cannot check.

Check out this posting from SA Police

Sa Police news.png

Reporting On Facebook - What Happens & How To Do It by Richard Pascoe

What happens when you report something to Facebook ?

First it will take time for them to respond to your feedback.

How do you report something on Facebook?

Look for the arrow at the right of the post and click on it.

This will give you some options

If you select " It Shouldn't Be On Facebook " , you will get 

You will then submit a report and wait for Facebook to get back to you.

For more information:

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Protecting Your Children Online

What Can Help 

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