Adelaide Techguy On Email Overload by Richard Pascoe

This is a draft post and will be updated

Stop checking all day , people think it is like a poker machine where the next big thing will come along
Put your emails in folders
Action emails then archive or delete
Use search to find old emails
Set aside a time period where you action emails

Set up “rules” and quick steps” for those that use Outlook
Quick steps perform actions such as move this message to my “ to do “ folder
Rules will perform an action such as all messages with the word ‘ Viagra’ send to the deleted bin
Archive old messages
Be aware of the size of your mailbox

Storing online – you always have a backup
Have a strong password
Tips For – the old Hotmail
Filter messages – only see what you want to see , Click unread for all the unread ones or Social for all the Facebook etc messages
Sweep - Use Sweep to delete or archive email messages from your inbox or other folders. You can choose to delete or archive all email messages, or all but the most recent, from one or more senders.
You can also choose to block, delete, or archive future email messages from those senders.

In Gmail you use labels
Gmail will sort your email into inbox , social , promotions , and one of your choice
Storage is virtually unlimited in your inbox , I have 7.31 Gb of email
Great search function
Archive in Gmail

Internet Browsers Not Working - Here Are Some Suggestions by Richard Pascoe

Occasionally you will have issues with browsers where errors will appear when you are browsing or you just cannot connect to the internet through a network issue.

Lets look at some solutions. 

Are The Browsers Updated ?

Are you running the latest version of the browsers ?

Internet Explorer will update through Windows Update but Google Chrome and Firefox will require you to check through the menu 

How to update Firefox

Google Chrome - go to About Google Chrome in the menu bar and it will check for you

Reset The Browsers

Reset the browsers to their default states

Are You Infected With Malware ?

Scan and check - try the ESET Online Scanner 

Problems With Add-Ons / Extensions

Delete the extensions you have installed and if you really want to put them back add them in one at a time.

Windows Updates

Does windows update work ?

Reset Network Settings

Malware may have changed your network settings so you may need to reset your TCP/IP settings , or instructions - Click Here

Connecting To The Internet

What are your network settings for connecting , has malware altered them , check for a proxy server that may have "snuck in "

If you use ADSL you really want to see the tick in Automatically Detect Settings

Adelaide Techguy On Radio - W/C 25th Aug by Richard Pascoe

iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program

Use Your Smartphone Or Tablet On Airline Flights

Charge Up Your Smartphone When Travelling  

Tablets For Children - How Big Is Too Big 

App Of The Week 

Momentcam - Take a photograph, create your own customised cartoon then share it with your friends.