Adelaide Techguy On Radio w/c 16th Sept by Richard Pascoe

iPhone 6 iPhone 6 plus

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus
Looking for an iPhone this Friday , you will have to queue and be early 
Online orders have slipped to 3 – 4 weeks 
Base your search around the city - I will be at the Telstra Store - Rundle Mall 

Pre orders with Apple have set a record at 4 million in 24 hours  
Apple sold as many iPhone 6 pre-orders in 24 hours as Microsoft/Nokia sold Lumia handsets in any two months of 2014.

Some tips for Fridays changeover – back up your old phone  through iCloud or through iTunes on your computer.

The U2 Controversy
Apple gave all iTunes users a free U2 album last week now there has been such an outcry they have released a way for you to get rid of the album
Remove iTunes Gift Album

Peoples iTunes purchases are always available for download , even if you were to lose your device , sign back in and your purchases are available for download.

Google Chrome
The safest browser now has a tool to remove malware if you become infected through add ons or browser extensions
Chrome Software Removal Tool 

This is similar to the tool for Internet Explorer and Windows, the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool that many forget about or do not know how to run 

How To Run The Malicious Software Removal Tool 

People appear to have less issues with Chrome than Internet Explorer and it has flash built in ( for viewing videos , ads etc ) 

Telstra And iPhone 6 - iPhone Plus - A Great Combination by Richard Pascoe

Telstra Connect

Looking for an even better reason to buy the new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus next friday the 19th 

Well Telstra here in Adelaide will be trialling the new upgraded 4g network operating on the 700mhz band from next week just in time for the launch of the new phones.

This will see an increase in download speeds which could deliver download speeds to the new iPhone of up to 150 mbps.

This means if you were downloading a movie it could be on your device in less than a minute.

See your Telstra store for more details.

7 reasons you’re going to love Telstra 700

More to share – with more spectrum supporting 4G services you can use even more devices and do more of the things you love at the same time.
Better in the bush – the 700MHz spectrum can go further than existing 4G frequencies creating better 4G coverage in rural and regional areas.
More for metro – 700MHz will boost in-building coverage for 4G services bringing speedy web access to more car parks, bedrooms and lifts.
Available on some of the best devices – Some of this year’s most popular smartphones are 700MHz-ready including Samsung GALAXY S5 and HTC One (M8) and the upcoming LG G3 smartphone.
More streaming, less buffering – Expect less buffering when streaming video on the go.
Do more things at the same time – post a selfie on Instagram while loading email and streaming music.
Don’t let the crowd slow you down – enjoy your favourite content with fewer slowdowns even in crowded places like shops or on the bus.