What Did I Talk About On Radio w/c 14th April by Richard Pascoe

Heartbleed Security

  • Only change your passwords if you know the site you use has been patched 
  • Consider changing to a password manager
  • Turn on 2 factor authentication if it is available for your site , check if your site is available here 
  • More details on Heartbleed and whether your site has been patched can be checked here 

Install A Password Manager


Security On An Android Device

Concerned about security on an Android device , what do you need to do ?

Make sure your device is running the latest version of Android that it can , check in settings in case it has not updated automatically

Only download apps from the Google play store 

Install Lookout which will tell you if you are downloading a suspect app 

Lookout will

  • Protect your device from malware
  • Scan every app to ensure it's safe
  • Block malicious websites
  • See which apps access your private info 

Windows XP Myths
There are still many people running Windows XP and the “ crackpot theories “ are flowing on how to keep using the operating system and stay safe.

•    If I switch to Firefox that will save me , no 
•    Safari will save me , no 
•    AVG , antivirus will save me , no 

These tips may help for a while 

So You Did Not Switch From Windows XP

App Of The Week 

Facetune is an app that you can use to adjust your looks in a photo ( selfie ) before you post online.

Facetune will remove blemishes , whiten your teeth , remove dark circles and is available for the iPhone and iPad

For Facetune on the app store - click Here

Telstra WI-FI 4G Advanced - My Portable Internet Of Choice by Richard Pascoe

Portable wifi devices are constantly evolving and I have been using for a few weeks now, the Telstra WIFI 4G Advanced.

This devices enables you to connect up to 10 devices such as laptops , tablets , smartphones which makes it the ideal device when you consider how many devices some people and families carry now.

The device gives you clear "on screen" information as to the amount of devices you have connected and the amount of data you have consumed so you don't go over your plan.

The device uses Telstra's 4G network which is constantly expanding and delivering high speed internet 

More information on the Telstra WIFI 4G Advanced

Samsung Galaxy NotePro 12.2 - Is Bigger Better by Richard Pascoe

I have been using the Samsung Galaxy NotePro 12.2 tablet for over a week now and this is a tablet which is aimed at the professional community due to the size of the tablet , apps and the Samsung S Pen

The Samsung Galaxy NotePro 12.2 runs Android 4.4 Kitkat. 

The Samsung Galaxy Pro 12.2 comes with Samsung's S Pen, 32GB of internal memory and microSD card with a screen resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels at 247ppi , which shows off images and videos very well.

I am quiet a fan though of the large screen on a tablet.

The sound of the tablet through the speakers is fine.

There is a great camera on-board the Galaxy NotePro 12.2. The rear-facing camera has 8 Megapixels with autofocus, zero shutter lag and a LED flash, there is also a 2Mp front-facing camera which you would use for low quality apps.

It's a big tablet , well made , looks great , but feels quiet heavy with extended use when you hold it , that why a good cover which doubles as a stand is essential.

I really like the device and the only criticism I have is that some of the Samsung software is not for everyone but the S Pen is a great feature on a large screen.

Battery life is ok depending on what you are doing but I have easily been getting a day out of it.

For a cover I obviously went to Mobile Zap and selected a case , the Stand and Type Case For Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 , great price $25.99 and well made as you can see from the photos.

Mobile Zap have a range of great cases for all your products with a prompt shipping and delivery service.