When Should I Check For Updates On My Windows Computer? by Richard Pascoe

All Windows users should check their Windows Updates on the second wednesday of every month as this is referred to as " Patch Tuesday " in America by Microsoft.

Remember not all updates are done automatically so you need to manually check.

In Windows 8 just look in the control panel and there is a tab for Windows Update and check there.

You can do the same in Windows 7 or just go Start , All Programs , Windows Update.

Adelaide Techguy On Radio - w/c 29th Sept - Updated - For Windows 10 by Richard Pascoe


Windows 10 is coming in 2015

The New Windows Is Coming mid 2015 

  • Its called Windows 10 , so we have gone from Windows 8 to Windows 10 
  • It will run on all all devices from pcs , tablets and phones , tailored for each platform 
  • Windows 8 has not been a huge success and the business sector have largely avoided upgrading to Windows 8 , given that Windows 7 was so popular with it running 51% of pcs as against 13% for Windows 8 
  • A lot are still running Windows XP which is a recipe for disaster 


  • The traditional start menu is back 
  • The search button is also back in the start menu 
  • For Windows 8 users those live tiles that update from the internet such as the weather app will no longer open in full screen 
  • While it will still be for touch devices like tablets it will run like a traditional computer for those that run on keyboard and mouse
  • The charms menu , where you moved your mouse into the top right hand corner of your screen and a menu appears , is going away 
  • You will be able to upgrade from Windows 7 or 8 
  • Rumours are still circulating that it maybe a free upgrade 

Apple & iOS 8 

The update iOS8.0.2 is out and people with iPhone 5 and up and later model iPads should update as this solves multiple issues.

People with iPhone 4 should install with great caution at this time.

Bash / Shellshock – Security Vulnerability 

Affects macs and servers not windows systems 
Been surprised at the amount of attention this has received as it has been around for 20 years 
This is one where we have to rely on others to fix
Apple will release a patch for mac users

This is one where we have to rely on others to fix 

Tip Of The Week –  Skype

Another question I am always asked is “ Why do I receive calls from strangers on Skype ?
This is how to only receive calls from people in your contact list
Go to preferences in Skype 
Then open privacy
You will see a allow calls from anyone & receive calls to my Skype number from 
This should be set to contacts or known numbers

The Signs You May Have A Malware / Virus Infection by Richard Pascoe

Some people will put up with their computer running poorly without ever realising they could have a malware / virus infection. 

So what are some of the things to look for to see  if you have a virus / malware infection. 

Windows update does not work

  • Try running windows update manually , go into start , all programs , windows update and then try and run the updates that are available. 
  • If you get error messages that they did not install or windows update checks for updates and never gives you a result ( just keeps on running ) , then you are probably infected.
  • Virus / malware infections will close down windows update as they are designed to access vulnerabilities in the windows operating system and windows update is designed to patch vulnerabilities. 

System restore will stop working

  • You will be unable to take your computer back to an earlier time

Pop ups and mystery programs will appear 

  • Programs will appear that you have never installed such as registry cleaners , bogus back up programs  . 
windows update check.png