How To Run Disk Clean Up On Your Hard Drive

I was asked the other day about how to run disk cleanup so you can gain space on your hard drive.

The following instructions apply to Windows 8 but the same principles apply to 7 & Vista.

First go to your start menu and click on computer

Disk cleanup 1.gif

You will now see your hard drives and so for the basis of this we will use the C drive

HDD 1.gif

Then right click on the hard drive that you want to run disk clean up on and select properties.

HDD 2.gif

This will give you the following screen 

HDD 3.gif

Now click on " Disk Cleanup" and the following screen will appear.

You will be given a selection of options for you to remove , nearly all are safe to do so however if you have the option to remove office setup files " DONT " and if you have the option to compress files on your hard drive " DONT".

HDD 5.gif

Finally press " Delete Files" and you will have gained some hard drive space.