Stop Believing Bogus Phone Calls by Richard Pascoe

People continually fall for the phone call which claims they are from Microsoft / Apple / Telstra saying there is a problem with your computer.

They then give them remote access to the computer ( would you let a stranger in the front door and go rummaging through your personal possessions )  and give them credit card details.

In a lot of cases they can access your details , clean out your bank  account , gain personal information.

If you are having issues with your computer get proper help , not from someone over the phone who randomly rings you and who's credentials you cannot check.

Check out this posting from SA Police

Sa Police news.png

Reporting On Facebook - What Happens & How To Do It by Richard Pascoe

What happens when you report something to Facebook ?

First it will take time for them to respond to your feedback.

How do you report something on Facebook?

Look for the arrow at the right of the post and click on it.

This will give you some options

If you select " It Shouldn't Be On Facebook " , you will get 

You will then submit a report and wait for Facebook to get back to you.

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What Can Help 

Open DNS


10 Email Subjects You Should Not Bother Opening by Richard Pascoe

You should always treat with great suspicion emails from unknown people and sources that you do not know and from these 10 points below.

  1. Any email that claims you have inherited anything
  2. Any email from a bank saying you need to change your password , change your details
  3. Any survey that comes in saying click here to confirm your details or activate the survey
  4. Any email from a broadband provider saying click here to upgrade
  5. Any email saying click here for the new version of your software
  6. Any email that asks for your personal information
  7. Any email that misspells your name or says that you have won a contest
  8. Any email that says you have not responded to my last email
  9. Any email that claims you have a ATO refund
  10. Any email that says your credit card is waiting for collection