2 Countdowns To Consider For Windows Users

Windows Vista

Windows Vista will reach end of life on April 11th 2017 – 357 days to go – that is less than 1 year away – when Microsoft will stop support for this operating system.

This means no more Windows updates and already we are seeing support for many pieces of software not working.

If you were to consider upgrading your Windows Vista computer to Windows 10 , check compatibility first as it will have to be wiped ( don’t forget to backup first ) before loading Windows 10.

It would be preferable in most cases to buy a new computer.

Windows 10

If you want to upgrade your computer to Windows 10 for FREE you have until July 29th which is only 102 days away.

There has been no announcement whether Microsoft will continue the free period but the common thought appears to be no.

Remember if you are updating make sure :

  • You are free from malware and virus infections
  • You backup before you do upgrade
  • You uninstall your antivirus before you update

If you do not want to install Windows 10 or the nagging ad consider:

GWX Control Panel

Never 10

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