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3 Outlook Tips

Tip No 1

Do you have duplicate  items in Outlook? 

Then install the Outlook Duplicate Items Remover from Vaita which will go through your outlook folders and move your duplicate items to a new folder where yu can choose whether to remove the duplicate items or not.

ODIR runs with all versions of Outlook but does not run in 64bit versions.

Tip No 2 is from Lifehacker which is a NoReplyAll Outlook Add In

 The NoReplyAll plug-in will add two buttons to your composition window in Outlook ,a “No Reply-All” and “No Forward”. This means that amongst your email recipients the reply-all and forward buttons will be greyed out when they open the message.

The NoReplyAll is a “free” add-in for Outlook 2007 and 2010

And as Lifehacker says. “It’s highly recommended for birthday announcements, lunch requests and other situations where you’re likely to inadvertently give everyone in the office a megaphone to air their personal items of interest.”

Tip No 3

When writing an email you will find times when you copy and paste text from different sources.

By default Outlook will  ,keep the formatting of what you are pasting instead of the format of the email you are writing.

This article from the “How To Geek” will show you how to change that. 

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