It’s iPad Day – First Thoughts

I had my iPad delivered today and the iPad is still scheduled for an Australian release date in late May but I had mine delivered through a usa based business.

To give you some idea of the size I have placed a pen and my wallet next to it.

It was a breeze to set up , just plugged it into itunes , it updated the software and it synced with my settings.

The screen is excellent with great color reproduction and it is “bright”

This iPad is also ‘ snappy ” , really snappy with extremely little lag when opening or transferring between applications.

The screen is also very responsive to its orientation so when you begin to tilt the iPad it will go to either the vertical or the horizontal position.

There are apps in the app store but the majority such as iBook and iWorks will not be there until the release.I have therefore downloaded some for the iphone and some of iPad apps that are available.The iphone apps scale up which , while they still work do suffer from slight pixalation.

I did download the PDF Word Excel viewer for the iPad which allows me to view and edit those documents. The PDFs come across extremely well on the iPad.

Photos look great on the iPad with the usual slideshow options or just selecting whatever photo’s you want to view.

I have loaded on one video so far and quality and playback make this an ideal portable media device.

I am now in the process of getting it ready to replace my diary as my aim is now that due to the 10 hour battery life , that will be one of its main uses.

In conclusion I am extremely impressed with the iPad ,even though it is the first day but those that know me will know that if I find fault with it i will not be shy about saying it.

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