Capture Your Computer Screen

Screen capture software can be a great tool for the computer user which will enable you to:

  • Capture your computer screen or a section of your computer screen
  • Record what you do on your computer screen and have it saved as a video flash file which makes it ideal for training etc.

You can then share the video or the “shots” of your screen that you have saved.

Have a look at JING, available for the pc or the mac and it comes in a free or paid version with the paid version offering more options.

On the mac there is the ” Grab “application which allows you to capture any section of your screen or the whole screen and save it as an image.

You can also use Quicktime to record what you do on the screen with it’s ” screen recording” setting , available under Mountain Lion.

Available for Windows in Windows 7 and Windows 8  is the ” Snipping Tool ” which enables you to take screen shots in varying modes.

“You can use Snipping Tool to capture a screen shot, or snip, of any object on your screen, and then annotate, save, or share the image. Simply use a mouse or tablet pen to capture any of the following types of snips:Free-form Snip.  Draw an irregular line, such as a circle or a triangle, around an object.Rectangular Snip.  Draw a precise line by dragging the cursor around an object to form a rectangle.Window Snip.  Select a window, such as a browser window or dialog box, that you want to capture.Full-screen Snip.  Capture the entire screen when you select this type of snip.”

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