What Do I Have On My iPad?

One of the appealing aspects of the iPad is what apps have you bought to perform the tasks that you need from your iPad.

The following are my top apps for getting work done and for using my iPad:

  • Pages , for editing and creating word documents
  • Numbers , for editing and creating spreadsheets
  • Flipboard , a social magazine app for viewing information and web sites
  • File Viewer , for transferring PDFs that I don’t want to appear in iBooks
  • Dropbox , for access to all my files synched with Dropbox on my computer , allows you to also download and save files on your iPad.
  • Big Calculator , everyone needs a big calculator
  • Dictionary , for when you are stuck for a word
  • Evernote , the best note taking application that can be synced with your phone and computer
  • Remember The Milk , the task manager solution.

I currently have 76 apps on my iPad but the ones I have listed are all designed to help me in my job.

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