What Are The Details Of My Computer

You may be asked sometimes to give information about your computer to someone who is remotely repairing it or giving you advice.

So what should you know.

Firstly what operating system are you running? Is it Windows XP , Vista or Windows 7.

How much ram / memory do you have installed? 256mb , 512mb , 1GB , 2 GB and so on.

How big is the hard drive you have and do you have more than one hard drive installed.

Do you have Windows update turned on ?

You can usually find this information if you go to start , accessories , system tools , system information

You could also run the  Belarc Advisor.

Once installed Belarc Advisor will show you all your installed software and hardware , Missing Hot Fixes from Microsoft , your antivirus status and more.

This is for Windows only and your information is displayed in your web browser.

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