Quick Backup Guide – Windows and Mac

Looking for a quick backup guide where you backup everything then try this method.

I much prefer this method to an automated backup solution which can show the backup as a ‘Blob ” then you have to delve into the blob to recover files.

It is much better to see the folders and files in a backup.

Also when you have backed up make sure that backup works by opening up files on the backup.

This method works if you have not moved your documents from the C drive.


Open the C Drive on your computer

Go to Documents and Settings 

You should see your User Profile  , eg Richard 

This is the folder you should back up as it contains all your files and settings.

So you should go highlight the folders , then go to edit , select all and edit copy and paste into a folder on an external hard drive.

Mac – Apple – osX

Go to your User name

This is what you should copy and back up as it will take all your files.

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