What Is A Domain Name ?

A domain name is your address on the internet , my domain name is http://www.adelaidetechguy.com.au 

A domain name tells people where to find you on the internet 

A domain name is registered within the Domain Name System and gives you a particular piece of the internet , think of it as your house or business on the internet.

When registering a domain you will receive a user name and password / registry key.

You need this if you ever want to transfer your domain name to another provider ( you don’t have to stay with the same domain name provider )

If going from one domain name provider to another it can take a few days and if moving from an overseas provider to an australian provider it can take up to a week.

You can also purchase domain names ,transfer your donains,organise hosting , email from Adelaide Techguy as I have a wholesale account through TPP.

I also do not charge for redirection as many do.

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