Fix Your Web Browser If Things Aren’t Running Right

If you have picked up a malware / virus infection this can damage your Windows system files and other settings.

Malware infections can modify your Web browser’s homepage and the connection settings which reinfect your computer.

This can also cause pop up adverts to appear , interrupt browsing, and generally annoy you.

So what do you do?

Before you start your Web browser you need to check your homepage and connection settings of your computer.

Go to Start, Control Panel, and open Internet Options.

Find your Home Page settings, and make sure that it’s not a site you did not set.

Then go to the Connections tab and click the LAN settings button.

Select Automatically detect settings next, unless your work or ISP requires a proxy.

Then reset Internet Explorer – Click Here For Instructions

For instructions on returning Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and the others to their default settings – Click here For Instructions 

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