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How To Organize Your Cluttered Gmail Inbox

How To Organize Your Cluttered Gmail Inbox.

You'll need to begin by extracting the email address of every service you'd like filtered and pasting them into an empty TextEdit document. To do this, open up any message from the addresses in question, select "Show Details" in the upper right-hand corner, and copy down the email address of the offender (for example: For added organization, you can group each of the emails by categories.
2. Assign a LabelBefore creating Filters, you'll need to make Labels. Go to Settings in the upper right-hand corner of your Gmail page, select Labels, and enter in a name to create a new label for your Gmail filters. 3. Create a FilterNext up, you'll want to create Filters so that they send certain messages to the Labels you've assigned. In the same Settings menu, select Filters and click on "Create a new filter." You'll be guided through a set up that will require you to input certain search criteria to maintain the filters. In the "From" box, paste the email address of the offender and click "Test Search" to verify that you have the correct email address; a list of existing e-mails will show up below if it's correct. Click "Next Step" once you've validated this. 
4. Assign ActionsThe next screen in the set up process will ask you to select the action that you'd like Gmail to take on the messages that you want filtered. To avoid an inbox filled with unread messages, select both "Skip the Inbox" and "Mark as read" , and then "Apply the label" to select the appropriate folder. Before you hit "Create Filter", select "Also apply filter to XX conversations below" right next to it to move the messages you "tested" earlier into the appropriate Label folder. This will take them out of your Inbox, at least, making it easier for you to clean it out.

We all receive emails in our gmail inbox that we could happily have appear in a folder that we can check later and not our inbox.

The online shopping offers come to mind as an example.

First you need the email address that you would like filtered ( the term used to mean that the email will end up in a folder other than your inbox )

Open up a message that you want to filter and copy the email address on a text document

Open up mail settings which is in the top right hand corner of the gmail screen

Open up the labels tab

Create a new label – ” Online Shopping “

Then open filters and create a new filter

You can then apply the label to the filter you have created.

Also look at the other options such as delete it , which is especially useful if you have signed up to an email address that you get bombarded with.

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