How Far Will Wifi Go With Routers?

So you have a wifi router connection and wonder how far will it go?

If there is nothing to interfere with the signal , think clear line of sight , a wifi signal on “Wireless A” or “Wireless G” routers will go for about 45 metres.

Wireless N routers however will go for about 90 metres and be able to transfer data at a far greater rate than either the “a” or the “g”

What will reduce the signal?

Brick walls , televisions , microwave ovens etc can reduce the signal greatly.

Wireless N is the band of choice now, given it’s range and data transfer capabilities so if you have an old router it maybe time to upgrade given that Wireless N routers sell for under the $100 mark for the basic model.

You may even need a wireless extender in your home or office .

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