10 Computer Retail Traps

This post was written with “tongue firmly planted in cheek” but these things still go on today in the industry and in Adelaide and are examples of poor advice and service that you could experience.
1. Shoddy Service:
You drop off your laptop to get a new battery and it is still there after 6 months (It has happened)
2. Paying An Unnecessary Price:
You are asked to pay a premium price to get your computer looked at when getting repaired and be bumped “up the queue”
3.Buying Something You Don’t Need:
You buy a new computer and are pressured into buying antivirus software, so the store gets a commission.(Do some reasearch and amke an informed choice)
4. Ducking The Issue:
You are told “we will contact you when your computer is ready” and get no answers until you ring them, then the technician is out at lunch, so you fail to get an adequate explanation of your computers issues.
5. Awful Advice:
The salesperson basing their selling techniques on what they use not what you may need.
6. Getting You In:
“Yes you can reserve a new widget, which comes out on Friday”. When you arrive on Friday you are told, “Sorry we were not allowed to reserve those widgets.
7. Vague Service:
How long will it take to fix and how much will it cost? Well first pay the deposit for us to start the job and if it is any more we will let you know but the final cost we have no idea and time to fix, well we have no idea, but a week from Thursday may be around the mark.
8. No Idea Service:
A repairman arrives at the office and proceeds to write an essay on what is wrong with your computer and why he cannot fix it and then gives you an invoice charged by the minute after not doing anything.
9. Bits And Pieces Service:
I’ve replaced your hard drive in your computer “ but what about my data and operating system “, “don’t have time to do all that “, “How is next week some time and you have to pay me now.”
10. It Pays To Read The Fine Print:
If I only needed more ram, why did you wipe my hard drive and reinstall the operating system ? It’s our policy.


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