Wireless Router Security , It’s Up To You

So you have a Wireless Router and you don’t want your neighbour or anyone else taking your bandwidth or accessing your router.

What do you do ?

Log onto your router.This is usually done by opening up a webpage when your wireless router is connected to your computer and entering a url.

For example Linksys is 192 .168.1.1

For other brands of routers consult your user manual or just do a google search.

Once you are in your router you need to access the wireless security tab.

You will then have to log on as an administrator

The user name and password to access the administrator will be with your paperwork for the router , if you have misplaced it try this site Default Router Password

You then need to set it to WPA2 and give it the appropriate password or passphrase , WPA2 is now the standard as WEP is too easily cracked.

Change your default passwords on your router as most come with something like ” admin “

Give your router a name that you will know but will not identify your location or owner.

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