Share Your Music & Video’s Between Computers & iPad , iPhone ( Part 1)

With iTunes it is now easier than ever to share your music & videos between your computers , iPad ,iPhone.

If you are have a wireless network it means you can stream – listen to , your music collection from the computer with your main iTunes account on your other computers and devices (iPhone,iPad ) on the network.

This means you can turn on the one computer , start iTunes then listen to your music etc from your iPad anywhere your network stretches to.

So how do you do this?

First on the computer with your main iTunes account go to Advanced then click on Turn On Home Sharing 

You then enter your Apple ID and password

You will then see that Home Sharing is now on

On the menu side you will now see the following

You can now see that your library ( in your case it wont be Richard Pascoe’s library but your library )is displayed for you to access in iTunes.

Tomorrows post will show you how to set up home sharing on your iPhone , iPad 

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