The Apple Announcements Key Points

This post will be a work in progress on the Apple announcements 

There are 3 main points to the Apple announcements overnight


  • Lion
  • iOS5
  • iCloud


Lion the new operating system for Apple will be here in July and will cost $32 and be available for download from the App store , however it is a 4GB download.

iOS 5 will be available in the spring in Australia 

iOS 5 Key Points


  • A new Notification Center
  • Tabs are finally here in Safari
  • A Reading List in Safari for later consumption of web pages
  • Reminders 
  • Changes to Mail
  • Updates and activation are not tied to a computer for iOS devices
  • Twitter integration
  • iMessages
  • Wireless sync to iTunes
  • Improved multitouch multitasking


Links to Apple Announcements




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