Comment On A Current Affair Story About Computer Security

The following is a copy of an email I sent to a Current Affair after their story on Cyber Security shown last week.

There were a few anomalies in your story tonight on cyber security.
The first was the omission of keeping your operating system up to date
which any cyber security expert “should” tell you is your first line
of defence and the NUMBER ONE way to prevent infection but the key
point that was missed.
Number two is keeping your software up to date.Out of date software is
a security risk.
Number three is , don’t open email attachments unless you are 100%
sure you know the person sending them and that they have actually sent
it to you.
Number four is turn off html in email , and view emails in plain text
or switch to a web based email program.
Number five is make sure your firewall is on and working .Your
broadband router is your best firewall and both Windows and Apple also
come with in built firewalls.
The last thing is have an antivirus solution as it is your behaviour
and actions that will cause your computer to be compromised and that
the software is there in the hopes that once compromised the breach
can be rectified.

The last comment I would make is that the FREE solution from Microsoft
is more than adequate for most people and most businesses but the
antivirus software vendors ( $300 as stated in tonights show for
antivirus software is a ludicrous suggestion in todays day and age )
have been under threat since Microsoft introduced their solution.

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