A Few Scanning Tips

A lot of people have scanners but the question I am always asked is about the seetings that should be used.

So what settings do you use for scanning various items when using your scanner.

  • Images for the web , website or an application such as powerpoint – 72dpi
  • Scanning for an inkjet printer 200dpi
  • Scanning for professional printing such as a brochure – anywhere from 300dpi up to 1200dpi
  • Colour photographs should be scanned at 24bit color not at 8bit or 256 colours as they may come out blotchy

The other setting to look out for is ,scan to , where you can say scan a page of text and send it to a word document for editing.

This uses OCR , optical character recognition.

The better the quality of the scan and the software will mean less editing to be done.

Looking for more information then try this website A Few Scanning Tips

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