Find My iPhone With iCloud

One of the best features of iCloud is the find my iPhone and find my iPad feature.

This is one of the best features and reasons to implement in iCloud
When you log into your iCloud account online there is a ” find my devices ” icon.

When you click on the icon the following will show so you can see a map of where your devices are.

With iCloud you are also able to send a message to your iPhone / iPad.

If you have left it at work , you can send a message saying you will be back to pick it up , which will appear on your iPhone iPad screen.
You can also activate a sound to play so if you drop it in your house , under a bed etc , you are able to get your phone to play a sound , even if it is on silent so you can locate your phone.
If the worst happens and you are not able to get your iPhone back ( if it was stolen ) you are able to wipe all settings , numbers , and information from your phone.

If you have synced your iPhone / iPad with iCloud then you can buy another one plug it into iTunes or access your iCloud account and retrieve all your information.

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