What You Need If Disaster Strikes

If the worst happens and your computer crashes , what do you need to get everything back up and running quickly.


A Backup , preferably of your user profile on your computer.

You get this by opening up your hard drive on your computer , say the ” C ” drive

Then find your ” user name ” which will either be visible straight away or in ” documents and settings”

This contains all the relevant files , including application settings , documents , music and photos.


Your software for that computer.

You will need your copy of Office for example and any other discs or downloaded software you need , along with installation keys.

You should keep this say in a box so that it is easy to lay your hands on.


If your computer has a built in format and reload the operating system function , make sure you know how to access it.

This is usually acheived by a combination of keys such as alt F11 being pressed when the computer is restarting.

Knowledge of these three can get you up and running reasonably quickly.

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