Lets Move iTunes To A New Computer

One question I am constantly asked is about how to move iTunes.

This will explain the process required for moving your music and other iTunes media while keeping playlits , ratings etc and without rebuilding your library.

First, open iTunes.

Then go to File – Library – Organize Library – Consolidate Files.

This will make sure that all your music is in one place.

Once this has been completed, you can exit iTunes.

Now copy your iTunes folder, which should be under My Music (unless you’ve moved it) to your external drive.

If the computer you are moving your iTunes from will no longer be used then “deauthorize” that computer.

Open iTunes again and go to Store – Deauthorize This Computer.

Enter your Apple ID and password.

Next install iTunes on your new computer.

Authorize the new computer.

Copy the iTunes folder from the external drive to the Music folder of your new computer.

Now when you open iTunes, hold down Shift while you double-click the launcher ( iTunes shortcut)

You’ll then be asked to choose an iTunes library

Look for iTunes Library in the folder you just copied to your PC.

You should now have your library, with ratings and playlists on your new PC.

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