Looking To Sell Your Gadgets

If you are looking to sell your:

  • Mobile Phone
  • Camera
  • Gaming Console
  • MP3 Player
  • Tablet
  • PDA

Then try Regadget 

You can get a quote for your product or if it is not on the site ask for a custom quote.

  • You then sign up for an account 
  • Add your gadget to your account 
  • They the send you a mailing bag ( they pay for the postage)
  • You send the item to Regadget , they inspect it
  • The money is then deposited to your bank account

If you are looking to sell just your mobile phone you could also try Mazuma Mobile

Works in a similar way to Regadget 

  • Get a quote for your phone
  • Open an account
  • They will send you a freepost bag
  • Send them the phone
  • You will receive a cheque within 48 hours

I have used Mazuma Mobile and I must say the process went smoothly with my cheque arriving in the designated time. 

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