How Good Is Telstra’s 4G

I have had a Telstra 4G device for a few weeks now and have been extremely impressed.

“With a 4G capable device, Telstra’s 4G network can provide the fastest mobile broadband speeds currently available in Australia. Typical download speeds are from 2Mbps to an incredible 40Mbps in capital CBDs (meaning within 5km from the GPO), associated airports and selected regional locations (meaning within 3km from the regional town centre) and typical upload speeds are 1Mbps – 10Mbps in these areas. In other areas, speeds will be less.”

Speeds in the designated 4G spots ( city centres , Adelaide , Mount Barker) have been very good with great upload as well as download speed which is crucial in a good quick connection.

Example 1

Example 2

Comparing this to my wired connection at my office

But how does the device go when it drops back to the 3G network when out of range of the 4G 

Pretty well

The 4G device is extremely easy to install on either Windows or a Mac , just plug it in and follow the instructions.

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