Get Off Outlook Express

I have seen several machines in the last few weeks that are still running Outlook Express with their Windows XP computer and they all are having issues.

Time has well and truly passed Outlook Express by.

It really is time to switch for features and security enhancements as Outllok Express is a nightmare.

So what are the free options now?

The paid option is obviously Outlook , a part of Microsoft Office

Here is a link to help you with the transition from Outlook Express and getting your emails and contacts out of Outlook Express.

Export Mail and Contacts From Outlook Express

6 thoughts on “Get Off Outlook Express

  1. Thank you for some good information again, Richard! Now there’s which is, I think, replacing windows live mail. Is that right? Or will they parallel for a while?

  2. Oops…nevermind. They call it "" but accessed the same old way: i.e.. Sorry for the confusion.

  3. Hi Richard.

    Can we keep the same email address , or at least have our ‘bigpond’ address emails forwarded on if we make the change as you have suggested ?

    Steve M.

  4. I have upgraded to and have been accessing it through google chrome, when I access it through internet explorer, none of my emails or contacts are there?

    • Tony Its 2 different programs You will have to export your mail and contacts to for them to appear

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