The New iPad Vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

I have had a Samsung Galaxy Tab for a while now as well as my iPad.

Now if you had never used an iPad and picked up a Samsung Tablet you maybe quiet pleased with it.

You can get on the internet with it , configure it for your Google account , Facebook , install apps etc.

The screen is quiet clear and bright , the camera is fair and it works quiet well but remember what I said ” if you had never picked up an iPad”. 

Now there are people that will never buy an Apple product for a myriad of reasons so they will buy anything else and very soon with Windows 8 there will be a plethora of tablets on the market so choice will never be greater, however , Apple have set the bar high and most if not all competitors currently do not reach that bar and in some cases come anywhere near it and that is why the iPad is the dominant force in tablets.

I had high hopes for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10 that it would come somewhere near the iPad2 at least ( let alone the new ipad ) as this was the company that gives us great televisions and some great phones ( Samsung Galaxy S2) .

Maybe the issue lies with Google and its operating system and when Ice Cream Sandwich appears maybe it will improve but I doubt it , its just not that good , its a bit clunky , a bit slow , but then I have been spoilt by having an iPad , however if I had never had an iPad , I would probably think this is a good device.

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  1. Samsung has now confirmed previous rumors that the Samsung Galaxy S III will be making its way to Canada on June 20th. In a press release today , the company announced that its Android 4.0-based smartphone will be available from a wide variety of Canadian wireless carriers

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