Skype is a program that enables you to make calls over the internet to and from your computer , smartphone , tablet.

When you are calling Skype to Skype these phone calls will be free.

Some of the features of Skype are:

  • Video Calling
  • Calling to landlines 
  • Connect with Facebook for video calling 

Stop Skype From Loading At Startup

You may not want Skype running continuously in the background as in some instances this can chew through bandwidth.

When installing in Windows READ the installation screen

Remove the tick from ” Sign me in when Skype starts”

But what happens if you forget this.

Go to Skype , tools , options , general settings

Remove the tick from ” Start Skype When I Start Windows “

If you are on a mac then go to “System Preferences”

Go to Users & Groups , then Login Items

Hilite Skype on the login items and press the – icon.

This will stop Skype from loading at startup

Stop People Not On Your Contact List From Contacting You

Go to Skype options 

Open Privacy settings

Highlight the “Only allow people in my contact list to contact me”

Press Save

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