Software To Speed Up Your Computer – Don’t Believe It

Many computer users believe in using registry cleaners / speed up my pc / pc tools and other sorts of computer ” optimisation ” tools that will somehow miraculously improve their computer by removing redundant registry entries or for the average user offer a promise that it will “speed up your computer”.

It just voodoo , a bit like when you get your car cleaned you feel that it drives quicker.

Here is the warning.

  • If you play with your registry , back it up before running the registry cleaner because if things go wrong you maybe able to restore your registry.
  • There is a chance that you can remove a registry key that will make your computer work and or boot , the worst possible scenario is that you will have to format your hard drive and reload your operating system.

Do they speed up your computer , well in my opinion NO.

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If you are at the stage that you believe a registry cleaner or some other piece of nonsense software will help your computer , put the time and effort in to do a full backup , format , reload , update and restore of your operating system.

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