2014 The Year Of The Tablet

Canalys an Independent Market Research Firm claims that :

2014 will be the year that tablets account for 50% of all “PCs” shipped globally

Leading the charge will be tablets built on Android – which collectively will account for 65% of all tablets shipped (185 million units) with Samsung at the helm – remember that a lot of Android sales are aimed at the lower price end 

Apple, with its growing line of iPad devices, will remain the single-biggest tablet brand, taking 30% of the market – and, significantly, the most profitable.

Profit, in fact, takes priority for Apple over market share, Canalys argues. “Apple is one of the few companies making money from the tablet boom.”

Canalys notes that 50% tablet share in PCs works out to 285 million tablets shipping in 2014.

By 2017 that number will rise to 396 million units.

So where is Windows and Microsoft in all of this?

Canalys believes that Microsoft will account for 5% of the tablet market next year, with its acquisition of Nokia helping to push it closer to turning that market share around by turning the company into “a fully-fledged smart mobile device vendor.”

Currently my 2 favourite tablets are the iPad Air , a truly quick tablet and the Google Nexus 7 , a nice fast Android device without any of the third party software that vendors like to put on their Android devices ( yes I am having a shot at Samsung again )


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