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Stop Relying On Your Antivirus Software To Protect You

Ok everyone needs an antivirus but in todays unsafe world will it actually protect you ?

No , but it helps.

So why doesn’t it do the whole job.

First unless if you go to an unsafe site , click a link in many emails , because you have done it as an administrator you have given permission for these unsafe programs to run and bypass the antivirus software.

For a start turn on User Account Control and put it up to the highest setting so that you will be notified if applications try to install software or make changes to the computer.

User Account Control Instructions

Keep Windows and your software UP TO DATE by going to Windows update not using 3rd party solutions such as driver updaters.

You could also consider an ad blocker which may help in prevention of adware infections (infections in the browser that cause pop-ups).

Other solutions can be found here :

11 Step Malware And Virus Prevention Guide

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