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Has Your User Name & Password Been Stolen Lately ?

Are you a victim of the Linkedin , Twitter , MySpace hack where your user name and or password have been stolen ?
Here is a website where you can check by entering in email addresses and or user names.
For the record my ” MySpace ” credentials from years ago were available
Leaked Source

Twitter user names and passwords were probably stolen with malware in your browser by the way.

Also remember you should turn on 2 factor authentication 

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4 comments on “Has Your User Name & Password Been Stolen Lately ?

  1. Do you like password managers like Dashlane?

  2. Derek Mitchell

    So. I’m being really careful with my security. I’m running Windows 10, with automatic updates. The latest batch downloaded fine, but then I couldn’t open my HP Solution Centre, which enables me to scan etc.
    HP’s solution – uninstall the latest Windows update!
    Er no – sorry.
    Would you care to comment ?

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