32 Bit Apps On A Mac – Have A Look Now

Running a mac – time to have a look at the 32 bits that need to go before the next operating system

When macOS Mojave was announced, Apple warned that it would be the last version of macOS that would support older 32-bit apps.

Apple has been phasing out 32-bit apps for years and is now ready to take the final step, even if Mac users may not be ready to lose access to older apps.Mac users of macOS Mojave would have been receiving warnings.

In September, when macOS Catalina comes out, 32-bit app support will stop , meaning that many of your older 32 bit apps will stop working if they’re not updated to 64-bit.

32-bit apps date back to a time when there were 32-bit processors and 32-bit operating systems, but are now outdated. Compared to 32-bit apps, 64-bit apps can take advantage of more memory and offer faster system performance. In the simplest terms, 32-bit apps are inefficient.

So Apple users would be getting messages about their 32 bit apps – time to look if there is an updated 64 bit version on the App Store or go to the maker of the apps website as when macOS Catalina comes out you will lose those apps when you upgrade.

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