4 Android Security Tips To Try & Keep You Safe

The words Android and security sometimes don’t go together as the user is usually the weakest link.

So here are four tips to aid in keeping you safe.

Number 1

Check for updates to Android

You will find this in Settings and About Device then select Software Update

Make sure you update under wifi only – this will save you data

Updates are sent down to PROTECT you , don’t ignore them.

Number 2

Keep your Apps updated

Go to the Google Play Store icon on your device , look for the ” hamburger menu ” select ” My Apps “and press Update 

Updates are done to apps to keep you safe and make them perform effectively

Number 3

Get your apps from the Google Play Store not third party websites then you will have “some ” guarantee that the apps you have installed maybe safe.

Number 4 

If you are running Android version 3 or less you may want to buy another phone as updates to your smartphone may never appear which means you will be vulnerable to security risks such as Stagefright.

You should be looking at smartphones that run Lollipop 

If you want to know whether your smartphone is susceptible to Stagefright , download Ziperium from the Google Play Store 

Adelaide Techguy

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