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Christmas Safety Technology Tips 

Telstra recently issued some Technology Tips for Christmas which include :

  • People should learn how to avoid common pitfalls online, including identity fraud, shopping scams and cyber bullying.
  • With almost two thirds of Australians embracing social networking and the same number logging in from a smartphone, this reminder to take care online is timely for anyone receiving a technology gift this Christmas
  • Turn on privacy settings and inbuilt device security features
  • Think before you post. Make your social network presence a positive one
  • Think twice before giving your personal details online
  • Choose passwords carefully. Make them hard to guess and change them regularly
  • Secure it. Only use wireless services that require passwords, even when you’re on holiday
  • Know the site. Only give financial details on secure websites or apps
  • Direct children to safe websites, don’t let them play on sites inappropriate for under 18s
  • Ensure children know to alert a trusted adult if they see something bad

More tips can be found at Telstra Internet And Cyber Safety 

Christmas Technology Tip
Be prepared :

  • If you buy something that is electronic such as a gaming console – know how it works and to put it together and how to connect it to a tv.
  • iPads – will need email addresses to work , have you organised them
  • Do you need internet access so the kids can actually use their Christmas present 

Christmas day is too late 

App Of The Week

Christmas List App

Here is an app that will help you with all the shopping and gift buying you have to do for christmas and is $1.99 and available from the iTunes Store 

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  1. Christmas technology tips are very interesting considering to me. I enjoyed learning every bit of it and looking forward to grab this app to have nice decoration and gifts purchase for upcoming Christmas. Thanks.

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