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Samsung – Where Are They Headed

One week they release an iPad killer , the next their profits have declined , Samsungs Profits Have Declined 
Sales are down 9-11 percent and revenue fell by 24 percent , last quarter when the Samsung Galaxy S5 was supposed to be the killer phone 
Samsung compete with all the other players , HTC , LG , who have sales that are already flat 
Apple on the other hand compete with themselves due to them being a high end device 
In the end it seems to be about price not features , design etc

I have switched for a while to the S5 from the iPhone and find little to recommend it apart from “the shiny bright screen “

Its well made but find I am more productive with the iPhone.

I will however keep using it until the new iPhone is released.

What’s A Pup & What’s A Wrapper ?

A PUP is a potentially unwanted program and a wrapper is a program that you download that comes with multiple unwanted programs and add ons 
This is getting extremely prolific now 
Users will go to a site , say , attempt to download say a video editing program , then have to agree to a proliferation of other programs , browser add ons 
So many computer infections are occurring with this now – this really is the virus of the 21st century

How Old Is Your Modem & Is It Affecting Your Internet Security

Many people have been using the same modem for years which can mean poor reception and if a wifi one can mean limited range , If you have a wireless g router the signal will not go as far as wireless n or the new standard wireless ac and we want the wireless signal to go as far as possible due to the amount of devices we have and are using in our homes and offices.
Did you know you can update your modems firmware ( the operating system for your modem) by logging onto your router , this can improve both reception and security.

How to logon to your router

Many routers are a security nightmare and it can mean ” leaking of your information”.

Click the link to the right to test your router 

Running A Business And Have A Domain Name – You Need To Know Your Details 

I have seen 2 businesses grind to a halt over not knowing details about their online 

  • Who hosts your domain ?
  • Can you login and see your details
  • Can you access your emails online 
  • Who has my email account 
  • What if the person who designed my website and has all this information disappears? 
  • If you have a wordpress site , do you know how to logon and maintain it.

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