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Is Plugging In A USB Flash Drive A Security Risk ?
Security researchers have created malware called “ Bad USB “
This is a “ proof of concept “ malware

  • This can take over your computer
  • Alter files installed via the usb
  • Take over the internet settings on the computer

This malware lives in the firmware not the memory of the USB so it cannot just be formatted and this represents a huge security risk.

More information on this can be found at this WIRED article

USB Tips

If you don’t know where a USB has come from you should not be just plugging it into your computer.
If you buy a USB you really should format it before using it
Teens pass them around and many are filled with virus and malware , so scan before use or accessing the files on it.
Corporates and large businesses can be “accessed” through usbs being left around and people just plugging them in to see what is on them.

Buying A Computer With Windows 8 – Make Sure It Is Updated 

Some retailers are still selling computers built when Windows 8 was released and consumers are forgetting to update them.
You need to work through the update first through the Windows Store to get it to Windows 8.1 then through the ‘ traditional “Windows Update  to get your computer fully updated. 
Also Windows 8.1 update 2 will be released this month , this is another big update designed to ‘ fix” some of the issues with Windows 8.

Don’t Click Links In Emails
For examples of emails where you should not click links : Click Here
If you don’t think it was meant for you it probably wasn’t 

App Of The Week
Check the wifi strength in your house with this app from Telstra 

iTunes link

Android link 

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