Adelaide Techguy On Radio – W/C 16th June – Updated

Its National Consumer Fraud Week and there are World Cup scams ready to steal your identity and infect your computer with malware 

  • Free tickets to a game , just click here – DONT
  • Emails offering the ability to stream live games over the internet , just click here – DONT
  • Paypal emails , saying your account has been used to purchase tickets to the World Cup – they are a scam , DONT CLICK

Tips to avoid email and internet scams: 

  • Be wary of telephone calls from numbers they don’t recognise, or emails sent from companies and addresses that aren’t familiar – if you don’t think it was meant for you it probably wasn’t
  • If in doubt, visit trusted websites by typing the internet address (URL) directly into the browser address bar, rather than clicking on a link embedded in an email.
  • Never respond to requests for personal information in an unexpected email or pop-up window.
  • If in doubt, always contact the company that claims to be the sender of the email or pop-up window, using their official contact details.

More Tips To Avoid Scams 

Its time to update if you have not done so.
You need to :

  • Update from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 , if you have not done that so far , here is how to do it
  • Do all updates in Windows 8.1 keep rebooting till there are no more updates and you may have to reboot a couple of times 

Microsoft need you to do this so that you will continue to receive updates , this is the most important thing you need to do as far as security is concerned.

Talk to your phone company first about their overseas travel options as they will offer various solutions .

Phones need to be unlocked when you change sim cards when leaving the country , this needs to be done at least a week before you go

Here is the iPhone unlock link from Telstra for iPhones that are not the iPhone 5 , please contact your provider if you are not with Telstra

Unlock iPhone Link

Travelling Overseas With Your Smartphone Or Tablet

App Of The Week

Your Getting Old

Discover all the facts about how old you are 


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