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Telstra News

Telstra announced today that they will roll out as many as 2 million hotspots in five years as part of a $100 million plan.

The network is expected to officially launch in early 2015. 

The hotspots will be created thanks to the launch of a new modem for customers, known as the Telstra Gateway Max modem, which allows for network sharing between users. 

You will be able to use your home broadband allowance outside the house…all you have to do is share a little bit of your broadband access with others — you can use their hotspots, they can use yours.

This is a great idea.

Telstra customers will be able to access the hotspot network for free, though usage will go against the user’s at-home data allowance. Non-Telstra customers will also be able to access the hotspot network “for a small daily fee”.

In addition to new modems, Telstra is planning to build its own network of roughly 8,000 hotspots in more than 100 cities and towns to grant additional wireless access. The telco says it will “work with thousands of small businesses…[and] partner with councils, business enterprises and governments” to bring hotspots to cafes, shops, parks and stadiums.

iMessage Problems

If you switch from iPhone to Android phones you may experience issues with your messages as they will now no longer go through.

So what do you do ?

If you still have your old iPhone and it’s connected to the internet. Go into ‘Settings > Messages and for iMessage move the slider to Off

This needs to be done on all your Apple devices that are on the same Apple ID as the phone, and you will need to deactivate iMessage on any iPads as well.   

If you no longer have access to your phone: Go to ‘

Then log in with your Apple ID and Password and you should see the list of products that you have registered.

Select the product you need to de-register i.e. your iPhone and click ‘Unregister’


Adblockers in browsers can slow your computer down.

Extreme Tech article on Adblockers

Windows 8 & The Mail App

Looking to setup the mail app on Windows 8 then just be advised that it does not support pop accounts which is the way most people computers , the mail program with Windows 8 does not support pop accounts.

You may want to install the Windows Live Mail from Windows Essentials  

Fake Apps In The Google Play Store And Windows Store 

More fake apps that pretend to be an antivirus have been discovered in the Google Play store and the Windows Store disguised under well known brands

Kaspersky , Avira Antivirus, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera Mobile, Internet Explorer and Safari.

Do some research before downloading.

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