Adelaide Techguy On Radio – What Did I Discuss – w/c 26th May

With the Velo-City Conference currently taking place in Adelaide we discussed cycling tech on 891 Drive today.

Apps We Discussed

Internet Problems

When you sign up with an internet service provider you need to make sure that the account has the appropriate contacts on it.

If it is done through a business make sure that say a receptionist or someone appropriate is also put down as a contact.

How owners should make sure that both husband and wife and in some cases their children ( if older ) are put down.

The reason is that if there is a fault with the internet ISPs will only talk to the designated people listed and if they have to report a fault then they will only do that after getting authority from a listed customer or contact on the account.

When Do You Ring Your ISP?

You should ring or contact your ISP when you are experiencing issues with your internet , that is what they are there for.

They are not there for :

  • Hardware issues with your computer
  • Problems with your iPad
  • Connecting with Hotmail issues or email issues from 3rd parties

App Of The Week 

For Android users the Telstra Wifi Maximiser App

Map your wifi and locate the weak spots in your home where wifi does not reach

More information can be found here 

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