Adelaide Techguy On Today Tonight – Samsung Galaxy S6 Review

Please find below my review of the new Samsung Galaxy S6 as seen on Today Tonight that was filmed at the Telstra store in Pirie St , Adelaide 

App Of The Week


Do you need to take medicine every day?

Do you need a reminder to keep you on track ?

The app MediSafe allows you to keep track of all medicines you need to take, and allows other users of the app to give you a reminder when you need it.

The Medisafe app allows you to enter the list of medications you need to take and on what schedule.

Each time you take your medication, you log the entry in the app.

If your friends or family use the app, you can set it to show them when you’ve taken them and, more importantly, they can see when you haven’t.

Medisafe Link for iTunes

Medisafe Link For Google Play 

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