Android Apps That You Need To Remove

Android users need to read a great article from Lifehacker discussing Android Apps that if you have downloaded them , you need to remove them.

“A stack of dodgy apps have been identified in the Google Play Store. The apps, discovered by Sophos, have since been taken down but were downloaded by millions of users before Google took action. Here’s the list.

These apps all look legit on the surface but they’ll suck the juice out of your phone’s battery and load invisible ads. Not only do you need to rush to the charger more often but advertisers are being duped into thinking people are clicking on their ads.

Some are exceedingly popular and started out as genuine apps but were ‘Trojanised’ by a third party. For example, a flashlight app dubbed Sparkle FlashLight was downloaded over a million times alone”

You can find the article and the list here:MALWARE ALERT: Delete These Android Apps

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