Antivirus Software – Uninstall – Change

So You Decide To Change – Uninstall your Antivirus – how do you do it the correct way ?

First – you do not want any part of the old antivirus left after uninstalling it as the antivirus you are going to may not run correctly.

First do not do it through the Control Panel with Add Remove Programs as that can lead to remnants left and will stop your new antivirus from working.

You need to download the uninstaller from the company that made it.

I have included some links below for popular anti virus solutions.

Norton Removal Tool

McAfee Removal Tool

Kaspersky Removal Tool

AVG Removal Tool

Trend Removal Tool

Avast Removal Tool

Avira Removal Tool

Then start your computer in safe mode

Run the uninstaller – let it run – it can take time

Reboot your computer – then set it to reboot normally – not in safe mode

If you want to know whether it has been uninstalled properly in Windows 10 – see if Defender is now active.

If Windows Defender is active and working – open it up in settings to check – you can install another one or do my preferred option – leave it with Defender

If Windows Defender says it is not managing your antivirus – you will have to run the uninstaller again in both safe and normal mode and try again .

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