Apple AirTags – Suppose I Find One In My Car

Apple AirTags I think are great items to keep track of your items but suppose you find one in your car or in your personal belongings that does not belong to you.

What can you do?

Here is an article that can explain with great instructions.

What to do if you get an alert that an AirTag, Find My network accessory or set of AirPods is with you

Apple also put this on the page link above which is a great warning.

“AirTag, AirPods and other Find My network accessories include features to guard against unwanted tracking. They should not be used to track people, and should not be used to track property that does not belong to you. Using these products to track people without their consent is a crime in many countries and regions around the world. If an AirTag, set of AirPods or Find My network accessory is discovered to be unlawfully tracking a person, law enforcement can request any available information from Apple to support their investigation.”

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