Apple Music – Tips & Fixing Issues – Updated

As with any major change to software some people may experience some issues and with Apple Music that has occurred.

I personally have had no issues and think Apple Music is a great service.

One of the biggest issues that people have contacted me about is the syncing across multiple devices has stopped working , such as you create a play list on one device and it does not appear on all devices.

The quickest fix for this has been to sign out of iTunes on your devices and then sign back in.

Apple this week have released an update to iTunes ( Apple Music ) that fixes other issues.

More information can be found below:

A great article from Serenity Caldwell over at iMore should answer all your questions : Troubleshooting Apple Music : The Ultimate Guide

How-To: Fix iTunes 12.2’s iTunes Match/Apple Music DRM-adding bug

Apple Music FAQ

Apple Music FAQ: Everything You Need To Know 


One thought on “Apple Music – Tips & Fixing Issues – Updated

  1. Hi Richard,I upgraded to iOS 8.4 which includes Apple Music on my iPad when it first became available and it wiped all my playlists. I’ve checked for the subsequent update you mention but on my iPad no update is flagged as being availableNow I’m not game to upgrade on my iPhone 6 even though I’m not happy with the way my music displays on that device. At least I still have my basic playlists. Not happy with Apple at this moment.

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