Apps Of The Week – Flying – Speed

App 1

Fear of Flying? How safe is your flight? 

• Enter the details of your planned journey 
• View color-coded ranking of airline and aircraft safety 
• Calculate the overall flight safety for your next flight

How safe is your flight

App 2 – Velocity

Great for parents , sports teachers , sports clubs 
“Just place your iPhone or iPad about 20 feet away and 20 feet to the side and simply kick, pitch or serve in-line and in-view of your device. 
• The speed of your baseball pitch, soccer kick, cricket bowl, or tennis serve appears on the surface of your device.
• Velocity uses only the camera in your device.
• Use Velocity on a field, rink or court, or simply in a backyard at home.”
Measures up to 177kmh
Costs $9.99

Athla Velocity 

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