Are You Using More Than One Antivirus Program?

I’ve talked about Cybercrime, Cyberattacks and Cybersecurity more than once.

If you’re at all familiar with me, either on radio (or perhaps I’ve come to your home for a tech support visit), you’ll have heard me reiterate the importance of keeping your sensitive data, your devices, your PC’s and yourself safe online.

There are a plethora of threats on the internet these days, from indiscriminate Trojans to Malware and Spyware. Due to these very real concerns, it’s not surprising that a huge percentage of people I see and talk to have some form of antivirus software installed across their devices, PC’s and phones. The problem is that the larger proportion of that huge percentage, are running more than one!

Don’t be suckered in by all those ad’s for the “latest”, the “safest” and the “most powerful” “protection”.

The truth is running two, or more, antivirus programs can do way more harm than good!

They may scan, function and respond to “threats” very differently, and even more troubling is that not only can they be difficult to remove, invading every level of your OS (much like the potential threats you install them to protect you from), but they can actually work against each other. Think about it, when you run an antivirus program, it’s first directive is to scan for ‘suspicious programs’ ….. would two competing brands be sure to ‘recognise’ each other? Not only might they conflict with one another, trying to shut each other down, 

But the result of this clash may give you a very misleading, or downright incorrect, overview of your computers’ actual threats, recognising the other programs quarantined viruses, and advising you that you have more viruses than you actually do.

These programs can take a serious toll on your power, and running multiple AV software at the same time can adversely affect your battery life (in laptops)

Installing one reputable program is all you need and for Windows 10 if you follow my rules, Defender is just fine.

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Happy (Safe) Browsing!

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