Delete E Mail in Gmail on the iPhone4 or iPad with iOS4.3

With the iPhone4 and the iPad now that iOS4.2 has arrived you may have noticed a change to your email options in GMail.

There is an archive button not a delete option as there was before.

Well if you are like me you dont want to archive some mail messages so the question is , How Do You Get Delete Back?

Open up the settings tab on your iPhone or iPad and select Mail , Contacts , Calendar , then go  to your gmail account.

IPad gmail settings

You will see Archive messages at the bottom of the settings.

Simply turn that to OFF , click Done and your delete option will be back.

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Share Your Music & Video’s Between Computers & iPad,iPhone ( Part 2)

The next part in sharing your music & videos between your computer and your iOS devices (iPad, iPhone) is to be able to see the shared library from your computer on your device. Remember to do this you need the latest versions of iTunes and the latest update for your iOS device First open up the Settings icon on your iOS device. Then go to the iPod tab Here you will see the Home Sharing section  Enter in your Apple ID and password Now click on the iPod icon on your device Go to the More tab on the bottom right and click on it Now you will see a Shared icon  Click on the Shared icon and you will see the Shared Libraries tab and the name of your library from the main shared computer

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Share Your Music & Video’s Between Computers & iPad , iPhone ( Part 1)

With iTunes it is now easier than ever to share your music & videos between your computers , iPad ,iPhone. If you are have a wireless network it means you can stream – listen to , your music collection from the computer with your main iTunes account on your other computers and devices (iPhone,iPad ) on the network. This means you can turn on the one computer , start iTunes then listen to your music etc from your iPad anywhere your network stretches to. So how do you do this? First on the computer with your main iTunes account go to Advanced then click on Turn On Home Sharing  You then enter your Apple ID and password You will then see that Home Sharing is now on On the menu side you will now see the following You can now see that your library ( in your case it wont… Read More

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How To Share Files With A Windows PC From A Mac

If you want to share files with a Windows 7 pc from a mac there are a few steps to take. First on the Mac open System Preferences then open the Network tab. Then open the Advanced tab , then look for and open the WINS tab You will then need to enter your Windows ” workgroup ” name in the workgroup tab. You can find your workgroup name from your windows system in your windows system’s Control Panel When you have done this press OK Now still on your Mac and in system preferences open the Sharing tab Put a tick in File Sharing and click on File Sharing , this will change the right hand side of the screen where you can select the folders you wish to share. Next you can change the permissions (rights) given to the shared folders eg:read only , read & write etc… Read More

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DVD Drive’s And Region Changes

DVD drive
Do you play commercial DVDs on your desktop computer or laptop?

Do you pay attention to the message that appears if you swap DVDs that come from different Regions ?
Here in Australia we have Region 4 DVDs but many people have DVDs from Europe ( Region 2 ) and the United States ( Region 1).

Most computer DVD drives will allow only 4 changes to the Region before locking the drive to that Region.

You will then be stuck with say Region 2 to play your DVDs on that drive.

What can you do?

Well formatting the hard drive and reloading Windows will make no difference.

You can Google the problem and see if there is software that will enable you to "Flash " your DVD drive so that it can play all Regions with no change reminder.

You could try installing VLC which may play the DVDs 

The last fix is to install a new DVD player in your computer.

An expensive solution to not reading the warnings.

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What You Can Now Open With Google Docs

Google DocsMost people would have a Google acoount and if you have a Google account then you have access to Google Docs which is a substitute for Office software ( Microsoft Office ).

Google Docs now opens another 12 file formats so that if you are emailed a file that you cannot open , upload it to your Google docs account and you will be able to open it.

So what can you open with Google docs.

  • Microsoft Office Files
  • Microsoft Excel (.XLS and .XLSX)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 / 2010 (.PPTX)
  • Apple Pages (.PAGES)
  • Adobe Illustrator (.AI)
  • Adobe Photoshop (.PSD)
  • Autodesk AutoCAD (.DXF)
  • Scalable Vector Graphics (.SVG)
  • PostScript (.EPS, .PS)
  • TrueType (.TTF)
  • XML Paper Specification (.XPS)
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The Windows Registry – Leave It Alone


I saw a business the other day saying that they had pop up's on their desktop saying they had a virus and that if they clicked it would be removed.

Their solution was to go into the registry to alter it so the pop up would not appear.
Their are 2 things glaringly wrong with this.

  1. One – they obviously have been infected and altering the registry will not get rid of the problem.
  2. Two – playing with the registry can be one of the most hazardous things you can do to a computer , especially if you do not know what you are doing.

You should always back up your registry before doing any alterations to it and " hope" that if you make a mistake you will be able to restore your registry .

I am also not a big fan of registry cleaners as the supposed benefits of using them never seem to appear , snake oil seems a good word to describe them.

If your computer is that bad that you need to alter the registry it's time to format your hard drive and reload your operating system.

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