Battery Draining Quickly On Your Smartphone – Whats Using It

Smartphone battery

So why do our batteries run down so quickly on our smartphones and what is using our battery life.

Well both iOS and Android can show the apps that are using up your battery.

On iOS open the Settings app and tap on “Battery.”

You’ll see a list of apps which will show in order of how much battery they’ve consumed either the last 24 hours and over the last week.

There’s also a clock icon to the right that will tell you exactly how long each app has been running on screen and in the background.

When you go to the bottom of this screen, you’ll see the total usage time since the last full charge and the time that the phone was in standby.

Android users should open the Settings app from the app drawer and open the “Battery” option.

This tells you the apps that have consumed battery, but device services as well, how much power was used by the screen, Wi-Fi, operating system, Google Services, and more.

One thing that does not show up is if the phone is in a low signal area and is constantly hunting for a signal that can drain the battery as well.This can also happen with multiple wifi signals as well.


Author: Adelaide Techguy

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