Be Careful Of That Phone Call

man in black suit jacket wearing black framed eyeglasses

There appears to be a rise in the bogus phone calls where people want to log onto your computer to :

Fix your internet issues – nonsense

Banking issues – nonsense and beware

This week I had a client who answered a call , they told her she was from iiNet ( that was her internet provider ) , she gave them remote access to her computer and within an hour she had lost $24,000

Currently she is trying to get her money back through her financial institution , she has also had all her accounts shut down until she organised a tech to make sure her devices were all secure , that’s were I came in , and had to supply her with a ” clean bill of health “.

So if you don’t know who it is , don’t let them access your computer , there are no instances where someone you don’t know needs to access your computers or devices.

It can be a costly phone call.

Concerned about the security of your devices please CONTACT ME for an appointment

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