Big Sur Is Out Now – A Couple Of Tips Before You Leap In

Big Sur is the new macOS operating system released this week.

Here are a couple of tips before you decide to make the move.

  • Did you upgrade to Catalina ? If not then you need to realise that 32 bit software will not install and will not be able to run . How To Find 32 Bit Software On A Mac
  • Will my Mac take the update – most macs from 2014 onwards can and if you are offered Big Sur in software updates it will install
  • It is a big update – over 12gb
  • Make sure you have backed up your Mac with Time Machine before attempting the installation of Big Sur and I would go as far as making a copy of your user profile
  • Restore Your Mac From A Backup
  • Backup Your Macs Home Folder
  • You can wait a few weeks before you install it – there is no rush

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